Wednesday, April 08, 2009

The end of February through early April

Here goes the synopsis of the last two months, mainly in pictures. In no particular order.

Since it's sort of a quicky post, I thought this photo of probably the best dinner the kids ate this year (in their opinion) would be appropriate.



We were running short on time before Devon's spring choir concert so this was our only dinner option.

Devon is in the second row from the top, sort of on the left side. Looking directly at me.

Dead center almost, again looking straight at me. It was a great concert-all Disney music.

Isabella attended several fabulous birthday parties (here's another she had great time at)
She has lots of spring birthday friends.

Last weekend, she went to a "dress up as your favorite princess party" and wow, did she have a good time. Cinderella (the real one) showed up at this party, complete with balloon tricks, make-up, and tattoos.
Cinderella even gave all the girls manicures.

Apparently they also had a photographer at the party, since Isabella only wanted to pose with her head tilted once I picked her up.

Clearly this photo is an "on the way to the party" photo....see, no tilted head.

Lauren invited Isabella to attend her daddy/daughter girl scout dance a few Saturdays ago. I think it was one the best nights of Isabella's life. It was fun to shop for a spring dress and shoes and she also got her own

wrist corsage.

Such a lovely couple!

Isabella really loves to dance.

Paul, not so much.

Isabella also started soccer in March, although all the games except one have been rained out.
Devon found the first ladybug of the season.

The games consist of 30 minutes of practice and then a 3 on 3 30 minute game.

Here she is in her Hurricanes uniform, cleats and shin guards...lucky number 7.

Devon earned his orange belt in March!!!! He is already practicing to move up to a green belt-maybe at the end of summer or beginning of fall. We are all so proud of how hard he has worked in karate.

Isabella went on the dreaded 4 year old checkup last month.

4 shots coming right up! It was worse for me then soon as it was over she laughed and was ready to go to Chuck E Cheese.

Her she is on one of the rides, proudly sporting 2 band aids on EACH arm. Eek!

Good news is no more shots until 11.


Devon was off school the day we went to the doctor, so he got to enjoy the pizza and games without any shots. Lucky guy!

We had a surprise snow storm in March. So much fun when you don't get snow on a regular basis. School was cancelled, of course, so the kids enjoyed playing in it 2 days in a row.

This picture is from the 2nd day, so you can see we got a significant amount (at least for GA).
Devon and Isabella played for hours in the snow. Then Devon went off with neighborhood friends and played in all their snow as well. This is our second snowfall since moving here two years ago.

I found this photo in my February file...Isabella found the baby in our Mardi Gras King Cake. She has to buy the cake next year!

And she's done a little baking recently with her Easy-bake Oven, including a delicious brownie. It was supposed to be a gift for our neighbor, but she ate it instead.

Well, that's all I can remember (the downside of posting every 11 weeks!). Keep your fingers crossed that I'll have something exciting to write about next week....and that I get my lazy self motivated to post about it before May!

Monday, February 09, 2009

Another year older

It seems like I blinked and Isabella went from this....

to this.......

Happy birthday Isabella!

We started the morning with our traditional birthday cookie cake.

Everyone loves having cookies and m & m's for breakfast.

Especially on a Tuesday.

You can look at her face and know she has been counting down to this birthday since about 8 months ago.

I have never seen someone so enthusiastic about becoming 4.

So, of course, I had to buy this ribbon when I saw it at Party City, for her to wear to school.

After school, Mama took us out for lunch to celebrate. Isabella chose her favorite Chinese restaurant, Chopsticks in Peachtree City.

Egg drop soup...our favorite

Flowers came that afternoon from Grandad in Texas

And look great in her bedroom next the the other arrangement Mama gave her that morning.

After enjoying a delicious dinner from Steak and Shake (her choice...I offered to cook but she wanted a milkshake for dinner...we insisted on the hamburger and fries), it was time to move on to what she had been waiting for all day...birthday cake and presents.

This is the first year I didn't make her birthday cake myself, but don't forget that I DID make all those cupcakes for school, so I guess that counts.

She saw this cake in the store and begged me to buy it, only because she feel in love with the tiara and wand.

Even though I didn't make it myself, it was a great cake nonetheless.

It looks like she is thinking about what to wish for when she blows out the candle.

However, clearly she was just figuring out which part of the cake she should start playing with first.

Cutting the first piece of cake
Little Pet Shops from Grams-

Leapster Games
(Princess one from Grandad and JoAnn)

Easy-Bake Oven from Mama

Little Pony play land

It was so late by the time we finished opening presents that she didn't get a chance to play with anything.
Paul suggested she take the day off from school the following day to play.
So she did. :-)

Monday, February 09, 2009

More Valentines gifts

We have had many days of warm weather sprinkled in with cold this month, as you can tell by what we are wearing in my February posts.

These are from the first weekend of the month.

I guess she would do better with her eyes open.

Day 8: Magnetic kissing birds

Day 9: Guess How Much I Love You mug.

Little Nutbrown hare...I love you!

Day 10: Strawberry magnets.

When I saw these on the counter, I thought they were real.

February 10th was a big day for us, so I need a separate post to cover the rest of the day.

However, I do want to include pictures of our cupcake bake-off extravaganza.
48 cupcakes mixed, baked, and frosted in one afternoon, for Isabella to take to school the following day for her birthday.
We got started right after her Monday afternoon ballet lesson
(which is why she is still wearing her dance clothes)

She is the best egg cracker in the house (good thing because we use the entire dozen)

Unfortunately, I was so OVER cupcakes by the time we finished later in the evening that I forgot to take pictures of the final product.

Oh, well....they were beautiful and tasty too. You'll just have to believe me on that!

Saturday, February 07, 2009


Day 5 of Valentines: It's a bottle opener-cute.

The following day, Isabella and I met our friends for a play date starting

with lunch at Chick-fil-A.

Here's everyone playing underneath the table

(mommys sit at a separate table)

After lunch we headed over to the park.

No one remembered to bring bread for the ducks, so the kids weren't quite sure what to do down by the lake.

Hugs for everyone, until we play together again.

Day 6: A heart-shaped measuring tape.

Day 7: Magnetic X and O